Space for both, people AND water toys always is a challenge to every boat and yacht owner.

The YACHTBEACH line combines both:  Great platforms with stylish design connected to one big Jet Ski dock or the 1-piece Jet Ski Dock 4.1 with teak design which fits perfect with every YACHTBEACH platform.

YB Seat-Chushion


The YB boarding ladder

Like all YB products easy and simple to install and completes your perfect beach day behind your yacht.

YB Boarding Ladder

26995/Boarding Ladder

Additional fixing: The YB Velcro Straps
Additional Velcro straps to connect more platforms, luxury pools or jet ski dock
1 unit = 3 pieces
Available in gold, champagne or pearl white

YB Velcro Straps

9900/Velcro Straps

Pump it up: The YB 230v pump
3,6 PSI / 0,25 BAR


YB 230v pump

11300/230v pump