Custom POP Pools

The AquaBanas POP Pool is a revolutionary inflatable pool design for yachts. POP stands for Pop Out Pool, and it allows the netted pool portion to be taken out separately from the deck. The pool deck is also broken into smaller pieces that are much lighter and easier to handle, deploy and stow. All POP Pool designs are custom fitted to each yacht.

Jetski Docks

AquaBanas provides a Jet Ski Dock solution that makes handling, deployment and stowage much easier. These multi part inflatables are designed to fit the curve of the transom, and have bollards, as needed, to keep the inflatable from going under the swim platform. All Jet Ski Docks have non slip surfaces and are custom made to each yacht.
The Inflatable is separated into parts that are able to be securely connected together while at the same time are lighter and easier to handle

Yacht Slides

Yacht Slides are incredibly popular with guests, but are generally not liked by crews at all. The AquaBanas team has designed and installed hundreds of slides on the largest yachts in the world. Let our experience give you new ways to handle slides and other large inflatables. All slides are custom fitted to each yacht.

Climbing Walls

All Climbing Walls are custom fitted to each yacht. The drawing bellow includes an optional Auto Belay system, and a landing deck. Climbing Walls can be built in any size or color, and can have logos added as needed.

P10 Combo

The P10 Combo is perfect for sandbars and other shallow water front locations like beach bars and restaurants. The unit consists of a Double Lounger (up to 3 can be connected), a Command Bana, and a Swim Up Bana.

Add some cool floating aftermarket seats to allow people to float in the water while they consume their favorite beverages from the coolers located in the built in cooler cut outs. The Quick Step inside the Command Bana provides easy access up onto the decks where you can easily walk around on the non-slip surface. It’s easy to launch kayaks and paddle boards off the fingers of the Swim Up Bana as well.

This little powerhouse combo can provide a full day of fun!


  • 1x Command Bana
  • 1x Swim Up Bana
  • 1x BT120 Bana Tent
  • Double Raised Lounger

P26 Combo

The P26 Combo is made for people to hang out and relax on the water. This system consists of the YachtBeach Sofas and loungers, plus the Party Bana and the Transition Bana.

26 people can comfortably enjoy this system. Even better, add a Bana Tent for shade on the water!

There are 100’s of combinations of Bana Cities that can be created with the current products that are available. It is better to discuss your needs with a sales representative to help you decide the best solution for your application

  • 1x Party Bana
  • 1x Transition Bana
  • 2x Sofas
  • 2x Double Raised Lounger

Pop Party Combo

Spend the day on the water chilling in the AquaBanas Party Bana and create memories like no other! We can help you design your own specific POP Pool and AquaBanas Combo package to fit your taste. Also, adding an AquaBanas deck to any exisiting yacht sea pool is not a problem.

Ready to Create
your own Island ?

YACHTBEACH the inflatable platform for your private chillout area, cocktail lounge or even the perfect workout place. Do you just have an idea, which function your YACHTBEACH platform should have?

All Products are compatible and there are a lot of options. Expand your YACHTBEACH with so many possibilitys. You can create your own Island, let us start to build your dreams.