Finally, here is the Jet Ski Dock, for 2 Jet Skis easily to park inside and other toys on the outside .In the premium segment YACHTBEACH line launches the brand-new luxury Jet Ski Dock. Easily park up to 2 large jet skis with their remaining water sport equipment on the Jet Ski Dock. An elegant teak-optic foam surface is an eye-catcher itself and invites you to take a bath or lounge for a little while

The " Jetski Dock 4x3 "

make a variety of combinations possible. Usefulness and simplicity in an elegant design – all out of one hand! That’s the way of YACHTBEACH.

Short Facts 4x3 Jet Ski Dock


Retail incl.VAT



Retail excl.VAT


Retail incl.VAT


Retail excl.VAT


Compatible to all Yachtbeach Platforms

Ready to Create
your own Island ?

YACHTBEACH the inflatable platform for your private chillout area, cocktail lounge or even the perfect workout place. Do you just have an idea, which function your YACHTBEACH platform should have?

All Products are compatible and there are a lot of options. Expand your YACHTBEACH with so many possibilities. You can create your own Island, let us start to build your dreams.

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