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Jetski Dock Combo 3.0 + 4.1

With its unique 12-point handle connection system you can easily build your ideal docking station for your Jet Ski, tender, Seabob, SUP and much more. If you combine a platform 3.0 and a platform 4.1 to form a T and add the Yachtbeach Connector at the end, you get the perfect dock for several jet skis.

Aesthetic soft, non-skid, durable saltwater and UV resistant materials guarantee luxurious and long-lasting comfort.

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Product Specification

Modular Connection
Pro Connector

Constitution of YB Jetski Dock Combo 3.0 + 4.1 Premium

- Measurements: 300x160x20cm - 10‘x5‘x8“ + 410x205x20cm - 13‘x7‘x8“
- Weight with bag and pump: 65kg - 143lbs
- Pack size: 178x37x37cm - 6‘x14“x14“ + 210x48x38cm - 6‘x18“x14“

- made of 20 cm Reinforced Double Layer Dropstich
- 6 Ballast Bags
- Artificial Leather Top 
- 22 YACHTBEACH Handles
- incl. bathing ladder holder




Highlights of YB Jetski Dock Combo 3.0 + 4.1 Premium

- soft and comfortable
- anti-slip surface
- personalise your platform with your yacht´s style or logo
- choose your surface texture and colour
- durable and renewable
- hard to scratch
- UV and saltwater resistant

Accessories included:
2 x Handpump
2 x Bag
2 x Manual
6 x YACHTBEACH Connector-Strap

YACHTBEACH Handle Connection Systems

• allows for very comfortable and easy to use handling
• enables multiple connection options
• quick and easy installation
• reduces risk of injury as no metal parts were used
• provides an almost seamless surface together with the
YACHTBEACH connector wedge

The Spinera Professional Velcro Connector allows an easy & fast connection between different Yachtbeach products above the water, which enables multiple connection options. It consist of a buckle and a velcro, which is especially made for
marine use. The buckle provides maximum strength and the crocodile Velcro offers a comfortable and aesthetic finish.

Material: 0,9mm 1000D/28x26 Reinforced PVC
Inside with 1,5" Stainless Steel Buckle

Removable Top & Customize Logo

Yachtbeach offers you a multitude of possibilities to design your platform / YB product especially to your wishes. Choose from various tops and the option to include your private logo. Special requests are also possible to fulfill your dreams. Talk to us and we will take care of you


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We won’t let you down, if you need support there are different ways. You can contact our sales agent, request local support by Dealer or Service Partner or buy direct.

Your Classic Floating Beach

YACHTBEACH platforms are the perfect starter for your private yacht beach area. Made from high-quality drop stitch material enlarge you living space on your boat or yacht in just a few moments.
With our platforms you create your perfect spot for Jet Ski, Dinghy, Seabob, SUP or party. Modular Connectivity with the YACHTBEACH Handle Connection System.
You can build different configurations, such as the

  • L-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • O-Shape and more are possible.

Easily build your ideal docking station for all your fun toys, or create your favourite setup for your workout, relaxation and party zone.
The Platform is the easiest way to create your own private spot. You can also create many configurations together with the smaller platform or pools and docks.

Create your own dream spot behind your yacht!


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