From now on it´s no decission anymore between 2 possibilities it´s ONE choice
We offer you fun, transportation and simple handling in one great tool.
Our total inflatable boat tender for any brand of Jet Ski offers space for up to 6 more people.

The " JetXtender "

The Right Platform For Every Requirement

Short Facts JetXtender

  • EU Certification as a boat
  • 2 extra wide tubes made of high-quality PVC
  • Stabile dropstitch bottom
  • Small pack size of approx. 90x65x55 cm
  • Transportable even in a trunk
  • Easy to fix by just 4 straps
  • Fits to every Jet Ski brand

easy and simple

interesting for every Jet Ski owner: The JetXtender has the EU Certification as a boat, so you can use your Jet Ski together with the JetXtender almost everywhere. Sounds good, right?! Totally inflatable, easy to transport and even easier to install, that’s the new JetXtender.

From now on you can have the perfect combination of a Jet Ski and a dinghy, share your fun with family and friends and you won´t miss a thing anymore. 4 chambers separately pumped up create a 35kg small package to a full dinghy.

4 simple connecting points make it totally easy to connect your Jet Ski or Seadoo with our JetXtender.
Transport your family and friends from your boat to the beach or create your own private water-taxi.

Ready to Extend Your Jetski ?

Have the ultimate fun on your Jet Ski with space for 6 more people! This innovative Jet Ski extension is the biggest party on the water. 

Select between Versions

Both are a combination of high-quality PVC and Drop Stitch

and offer in each way a perfect price value.


made in Europe
Retail incl.VAT
  • Handmade Europe
  • Black and white
  • Weight 35kg

For watersport stations, JETXTENDER offers perfect transport options With striking design and concise advertising message, your station becomes an eye catcher.

Select between 2 different versions:

  • Handmade in Europe: perfect to personalize your own individual JetXtender
  • Series production Made in China
  • Individual design on request for both


made in China
Retail incl.VAT
  • Serial production
  • welded
  • Black and white
  • Weight 35kg