Yachtbeach Luxury Pool 4,1m x 4,1m

Exclusive yacht pool in teak optics

Enjoy a carefree time behind your yacht with your loved ones. On the new Luxury Pool by Yachtbeach, you have enough space for bathing and swimming as well as an integrated bathing area that invites you to sunbathe. You lie extremely gently and comfortably on the pleasant foam top surface. The teak look is a real eye-catcher. It is noteworthy that the Luxury Pool can be easily combined with all Yachtbeach 4.1 platforms.


Protect yourself against the smallest Ocean inhabitants

Yachtbeach Luxury Pool 4,1m x 4,1m

The new sensation of Yachtbeach.

Made for safe swimming in the sea and to enjoy wonderful pool days behind your yacht. Bathe in the sea without being disturbed by unpleasant encounters with jellyfish and other sea creatures or floating sea particles. Thanks to the fine-mesh PVC inner protection net, you are perfectly protected from this.

Short Facts 4.1 x 4.1 Pool

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YACHTBEACH the inflatable platform for your private chillout area, cocktail lounge or even the perfect workout place. Do you just have an idea, which function your YACHTBEACH platform should have?

All Products are compatible and there are a lot of options. Expand your YACHTBEACH with so many possibilities. You can create your own Island, let us start to build your dreams.

Luxury Pool

Retail incl.VAT
  • Size 410cm x410cm
  • Depth : 240cm
  • made of flexible EVA teak
  • Weight approx .: 62 kg
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perfect - great Toy as Docking or for the Air Sofa.
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Great Product, simple to install and many options to use. For Yoga , Chill or as a Docking Place