Yachtbeach 3.0, 300x160cm, Allegra Champagne Mat

With these new and innovative yacht platforms from YACHTBEACH now you can create your own private beach directly attached to your boat or use it as a bathing platform on your private lake. This premium platform of European production was designed for performance-loving yacht owners. Now they and guests can enjoy the perfect island for reading, relaxing, or diving in and out of the water. YACHTBEACH can be a platform for fitness, yoga and mindfulness, or as a floating party lounge for the best sessions and funniest memories. This 3 x 1,6m piece of freedom can be combined in several ways. With its unique 10-point handle connection system you can easily build your ideal docking station for your Jet Ski, tender, Seabob, SUP and much more. Aesthetic soft, non-skid, durable saltwater and UV resistant materials guarantee luxurious and long-lasting comfort.

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Product Specification

Constitution of YB 3.0 Classic

– Measurements: 300x160x20cm – 10‘x5‘x8“
– Weight with bag and pump: 25kg – 55lbs
– Pack size: 178x37x37cm – 6‘x14“x14“

– made of 20 cm Reinforced Double Layer Dropstich
– 2 Ballast Bags,
– Artificial Leather Top Diamond Pearlwhite
– 10 YACHTBEACH Handles,
– incl. bathing ladder holder.

$ 2,680 ,-

Retail incl.VAT


$ 2,252 ,-

Retail excl.VAT

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YACHTBEACH Classic 3.0 is the perfect starter for your private yacht beach area. Made of high-quality drop stitch material enlarge you living space on your boat or yacht in just a few moments.

With the 3.0 Platform u create your perfect spot for Jet Ski, Dinghy, Seabob, SUP or Party. Modular Connectivity with the 10-point YACHTBEACH Handle Connection System.

U can build in several configurations like the

and more are possible. easily build your ideal docking station for all your fun toys like your Jet Ski, dinghy, Seabob,
SUP, and much more, or create your favorite setup for your workout, relaxation and party zone.
The 3.0 Platform is the easiest way to create your private spot.