YB Transition Bana

FINALLY – Someone has designed a way to interconnect almost every major water park manuacturers products together into one continuous system! This is big news! Whether your connection system is a 5 ring design, or a 200cm wide design, or connects at 410cm with handles on top, the Transition Bana 410 has connections in all the appropriate places to seamlessly make the connection. This will allow you to connect AquaBanas and other YachtBeach products directly to existing water parks for more versatility!

Connection Modul

The Transition Bana 410 is also a great space for Yoga and other exercise activities! The Bana Tent BT180-WT is the perfect tent for the Transition Bana 410 as it provides great shade and allows people to easily walk through to adjoining decks.

Standard Equipment

Standard Feature

Ready to Create
your own BanaCity ?

all Yachtbeach AquaBana Products are compatible , and there are a lot of options. You can see more details of the AquaBanas on the submenu Your YB Line – AquaBanas. Expand your YACHTBEACH AQUABANA with so many options. You can create your own Island let us start to build your dreams.

Transition Bana

Retail incl.VAT
  • Size 410x340cm
  • Connection Platform
  • Approx. 120x70x30cm
  • Weight approx. 60 kg
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perfect - great Toy as Docking or for the Air Sofa.
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Great Product, simple to install and many options to use. For Yoga , Chill or as a Docking Place