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Dear customer!
Here you can submit a complaint. This only applies to goods purchased directly from Yachtbeach. Products that were not purchased directly from us, i.e. purchased through a dealer or partner, must also be complained to this contractual partner! Please observe the guarantee and warranty conditions and the deadlines when making a complaint.

In all other respects our general trading conditions apply, which you can see here.

Despite the high quality standards of our products, occasionally a product may have a manufacturing defect.

In order to simplify the claim process for you and thus raise the level of service, from now on you will have to submit your claim via our service tool. This tool offers you both ease of use when filling out the claim and better traceability.

Once a warranty claim is submitted with original invoice and pictures, our staff will immediately take care of your problem and a solution.



The warranty starts at least from the date of sale, unless the manufacturer explicitly states otherwise:
3 years: Yachtbeach Platform 3.0 & 4.1
1 year on all other Yachtbeach and Jetxtender products.

The date of purchase must be proven with the customer’s original invoice. Warranty will be void if customer modifies, or improperly assembles the delivered product.

We take great pride in the high quality standards of our products. Occasionally a product may have a manufacturing defect. Once a warranty claim is submitted with original invoice and pictures, our staff will promptly address your submission and provide a resolution. Please note the duration of warranty claims for personal or commercial use.
– Excluded from warranty are:
– Wear and tear due to normal use
– handles, zippers, tabs
– other connecting parts
– wear and tear of the neoprene covers / pads, handles of the towables
– damage due to improper handling, maintenance or storage
– damage caused by sharp objects
– damage due to exceeding the recommended number of users
– Damage due to external force, e.g. sliders, kickers, bridges
– Crack in the nylon cover of a tube due to above-average strain
– (identified by wear of handles, pull eyes or faded colors)
– Cracks in the material due to excessive air pressure (identified by material testing during the claim process).

If you did not purchase the product directly from us, contact your contractor. For more information about the warranty, please contact your respective contractual partner!



When you click on the button “submit complaint” you’ll be forwarded to our complaint tool on the POD International website.