JetXtender 380 Welded

Product Specification


Constitution of YB JetXtender 380 Welded

Measurements: L 380cm x W 240cm
jetXtender pack size: 117x59x38cm
weight with bag and pump: 35 kg

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Jet Ski or Dinghy? BOTH! Have the ultimate fun on your Jet Ski with space for 6 more people! This innovative Jet Ski extension is the biggest party on the water! EU Certification as a boat! JETXTENDER is an indispensable accessory for your Jet Ski. It looks and feels like a regular inflatable boat, but attaching it to a Jet Ski means no more outboard motor! Jet Ski owners love speed and manoeuvrability, but miss the room to take more passengers along. The JETXTENDER offers them the best of both worlds. JETXTENDER is light and packs up so small that you can carry it on your Jet Ski. It inflates in just moments and is easy to attach. You can ride it with agility through very shallow waters. JETXTENDER also works great at both – high and low speeds, making it unrivalled in both – recreational or rescue applications. With the Jetxtender you can take 6 people at maximum with you plus the additional person on the Jet Ski. You can use it with any other Jet Ski, for extra space, buoyancy, stability, safety or visibility. YOU WILL LOVE THIS GADGET!



The JETXTENDER is a unique water vessel. It becomes your unique specimen. You choose your own colors and logos to match your Jet Ski or yacht. Individual appearance for rescue, fire and military. For watersport stations, JETXTENDER offers perfect transport options.

With striking design and concise advertising message, your station becomes an eye catcher. for 6 people just on Jetxtender + people on Jet Ski.


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JetXtender 380 Welded

$ 2,539


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