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YACHTBEACH Pavilion Line

A Inflatable modular system with Platform, tent and seating option

Yachtbeach Pavilion offers a stylish and weatherproof space that seamlessly combines the charm of the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors. It consists of various elements and is a modular system. The basis is always the hexagonal platform measuring 410 x 355 cm.
There are various pre-configured setups, but you can also combine the different elements yourself to create your perfect pavilion

Different Setups

Beachclub Setup: Pavilion Platform, Tent, Sofa, Table, Backrest and Mesh
Lounge Setup: Pavilion Platform, Sofa, Table, Backrest and Mesh
Party Setup: Pavilion Platform, Backrest and Mesh


23235 Yachtbeach Pavilion Platform
The Base platform measuring 410 x 355cm is made of UV and salt water resistant dropstitch material with a thickness of 20 cm and flexible EVA teak.

23234 Pavilion Tent
The 500 x 430 cm tent with 6 pillars offers space for up to 8 people. It provides shade and fits perfectly on the base platform.

23256 Pavilion Table
The inflatable table is positioned exactly in the middle thanks to the 190 cm base section and has recesses for drinks glasses for your perfect picnic by the water.

23254 Pavilion Sofa
Maximum comfort is provided by the 20 cm high pavilion sofa with 30 cm back section, which can also be set up separately on the beach as a comfortable lounge setup.

23255 Pavilion Backrest
The 20 cm high backrest transforms the base platform into a cozy corner for your perfect party in no time at all.

23251 Deep mesh
Splash around with your feet in the water. Thanks to the fine-meshed 30 cm deep PVC inner protective net, you are perfectly protected from unwanted sea creatures.

23252 Flat Mesh
The flat, fine-meshed PVC inner protective net invites you to sit and lie on the surface of the water.

23253 Flat Dry Cover
The dry cover keeps you largely dry inside the pavilion platform.