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Custom Platform Premium Teak step 1.6x0.5m

This exclusive ad on Yachtbeach Platform Premium Teak Step was  exclusivly  designed to offer you great comfort on the water. If your yacht has a raised bathing platform that Yachtbeach Plattform Premium Teak Step is the perfect match to board your yacht easily and safely.

With an overall length of 1,60m,  a whith of 50 cm and a height of 20 cm the platform is stable enough for someone to stand on with ease.

(If you wish different measurements, those can be easily done by us as a custom project)

There are two ways to install the Yachtbeach Platform Premium Teak Step:

  • First option you tied the platform with the included straps on top of your Yachtbeach standard platform. This method is quick and easy to do. The straps connect the step with the platform in a solid way, and are yet flexible enough to move it to another position if wanted.
  •  Second option. If you already have a custom-made platform, you can attach the step with the D-rings or Snap Hooks.

Our standard platforms won’t have the necessary D rings in place but we can offer you a custom-made platform with integrated attachment points. 

By choosing this, you will have a wider boarding platform and the Yachtbeach Premium Teak Step will fit more securely and safely to Yachtbeach platform to secure your next move.

No matter what option you will choose. The Yachtbeach Plattform Premium Teak Step will be a game changer for your daily living on board.

With our premium Yachtbeach products you grow your possibilities onboard whether it’s storage, comfort or just pure elegance for your next yacht holiday