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Inovation is an integral part of Yachtbeach, so here you will find everything about upcoming projects around Yachtbeach and Aquabana. Do you have an idea or a wish? Get in touch with us by email – social media or at a trade show.

JetXtender – best accessory for mid-size yachts

Have you ever had to use jet-ski as tender on a yacht? And wondered how to take everybody from the yacht to the restaurant on a beach safely, comfortably and fast? Well, I have.

Part of being crew or a skipper you always try to indulge your yacht guests in the best possible way. Whenever I captain a mid-size yacht that only has a jet-ski as tender, let’s say a three-siter, I have this problem – I have six guests but only 2 persons can sit behind jet-ski operator. Hmm. Effectively this means I have to do three runs to get them all to their favorite beach or restaurant and then another three runs to get them back on-board. Also, jet-skis are not the most stabile vessels to say lightly. Let alone if some of the guests are a bit older or if somebody had a glass too much at the diner.
This is a problem all yacht crew and skippers face. This is why we developed the JetXtender – a simple and ultra-light inflatable accessory to convert any jet-ski from e.g. three siter to nine siter 😉.
JetXtender is a very easy, light and amazing inflatable extender of your jet-ski. Whether you are on a yacht or simply cruising for pleasure. The best thing is that only one person can bring it to the swim platform or beach (it comes in a handy bag), inflate it and attach it to the jet-ski – with only four straps! All this takes only couple of minutes which is perfectly demonstrated in our amazing video HERE.
JetXtender is certified and approved as a jet-ski boat. When the jet-ski and the JetXtender are connected they become a whole new vessel that takes 9 people! Practically a whole regular size boat and a comfortable tool to bring all your friends or family to the desired location. On mid-size yacht this provides a more than decent by-boat with practically no storage demand.
And it doesn’t take the fun away, because when you arrive to a beautiful bay with all your passengers, you can simply choose to detach the JetXtender and use it as a hub or a small private “island” while others drive around with the jet-ski or go wakeboarding for example. Some will choose to rather sunbathe, some want to be more sporty. With JetXtender you can do both.
And then just imagine bringing along another of Yachtbeach premium platforms from our product range and extend your private “island” with a terrace. Or even better – an Aquabana from Yachtbeach plus some double loungers and shade with music going on and cool drinks in the cooler… wow, now we are talking! But more about our amazing inflatable Aquabanas and corona summer challenges in the next blog. Stay safe and enjoy the summer, see you at the Sea 😊.
We are Yachtbeach – come on board. Be Yachtbeach!

Yachting plans for 2020? Surely the Mediterranean season will happen. But when? Or, is Croatia and Adriatic looking to be the safest bet?

When will the 2020 Yachting season kick off in the Med? This is literally a billion-dollar question.

Speculations go from optimistic mid-May forecasts to pessimistic – not before 2021 – speculations. Even the experts and long-term industry leaders are not able to agree. At POD International and Yachtbeach we are on top of all developments and adapting to the situation daily, we will be among the first to let you know when to start packing your swim suits and flip flops. But in the meantime, what is happening with Yachts, toys, agencies, personnel? Is there any way to use the time during this pandemic? Sure. Yachtbeach will try to answer some of these questions and provide ideas in future blogs so keep checking our news 😉 Unfortunately, the majority of charter fleets and beautiful yachts are grounded, so to speak, but afloat and eagerly awaiting their guests. The crew use their time to attend to all details they might have missed during winter refreshing and they will provide you with even better experience as soon as the coast is clear. At Yachtbeach and JetXtender we are working around the clock to prepare new gadgets and equipment to our cherished clients. Our office and production are running smoothly and we now have the luxury of time to attend to custom projects and give our customers personalized yacht inflatables so the season will be amazing regardless of current frustration. What can you do? First of all, stay safe. And don’t stop dreaming about that awesome vacation on a Yacht you had planned for SEAson 2020. While you are at it, imagine yourself enjoying the sunset on your private water level terrace behind the yacht and feeling the sea and the sun with all your body. Focus on that image and before you know it, pandemic will be over and all of us Yachties will set sail. Take your time. Imagine your perfect spot. Your dream inflatables for your cruise. Your favorite sea toys. And your favorite colors. Got it? Good. Let us know what is it and we will make it for you! Although the yachting industry and our favorite beach bars, seaside hotels and resorts are at the stand still, we at POD International are not. We are designing and producing best inflatable accessories for your leisure time so that when the restrictions pass us by, you will be able to enjoy your well-earned vacation in full. Be patient. Be safe. Wait for the SEAson to start and tell us your wishes – Yachtbeach is ready come on board.

Quarantine on a Yacht? With YachtBeach even better

During these troubled times we are all faced with almost unprecedented situation – global pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The disease spread lightning fast around the world causing most countries to impose “self-isolation” or general quarantine on their people. Experts tell us the best way to overcome this pandemic is to cut social connections until the virus dies out. Pandemic is having huge impact on all industries and yachting is no exception. And all this is happening just when the Med season was about to kick off this year. Sounds like no good news on the horizon. BUT! Yacht world and yachting are special. Few other “accommodations” offer what boats can offer in these pessimistic times – freedom in complete isolation 😉 Although this is an oxymoron it still might be just the best solution how to pass the time in perfect luxury of your boat and not be limited to imposed restrictions. And even more important, not being exposed to the naughty virus at all. Spending time on your yacht at the moment guaranties you perfect isolation and can bring joy even through these boring times.

At YachtBeach we are completely aware of this. We also know that even the biggest yachts may become too small after longer periods with same company. Sometimes you just need that extra bit of space to move away from it all and be even closer to the sea where you can always find your inner peace. Alone or with your favorite companion. Or book. Or champagne. Or altogether. 

YachtBeach premium line of inflatable platforms is the perfect solution for these uncertain times. Extend your yacht! Make your own sea terrace! Have your own little island for two! Stretch your legs. Jump right in to the SEAson 2020 and enjoy your piece of heaven until the hell passes. Be YachtBeach!



Create your own pool in the world´s biggest pool. To swim in the ocean but enjoy the safety of a pool: YACHTBEACH LUXURY POOL is YOUR perfect solution.

POD offers 2 different kind of ocean pools:

YB LUXURY POOL 6 x 4 with EVA top:

  • Super elegant and luxury design
  • Interior dimensions: 466cm x 310cm / External dimensions: 616cm x 410cm
  • Depth: about 240cm
  • Lying surface: width of 100cm
  • Made of high quality 20cm drop stitch
  • Covered with flexible artificial Teak
  • Due to Yachtbeach-Handle-Connection System fits perfect to all YACHTBEACH platforms or with corner D-rings to most competitor platforms
  • Super lightweight design
  • Scope of delivery includes bathing ladder, carrying bag and repair kit

YB LUXURY POOL 4  x 4 with 30cm tube

  • The perfect supplement to our YACHTBEACH platforms is the LUXURY POOL 4  x 4 with tubes. The elegant design and the high quality rounds of the perfect YACHTBEACH look on every yacht.
  • Specially designed for smaller Yacht to be installed very fast and provide easy protection against jellyfish.
  • Inner dimension: 350cm x 350cm / external dimension: 410cm x 410cm
  • Depth: approx. 220cm
  • Weight of approx
  • Tube diameter: approx. 30cm made of 9mm reinforced PVC
  • Fast and Easy to install
  • Due to Yachtbeach-Handle-Connection System fits perfect to all YACHTBEACH platforms or with corner D-rings to most competitor platforms
  • Scope of delivery includes bathing ladder, carrying bag and repair kit

So, pick up your watertoys, choose your YACHTBEACH PLATFORMS and create your own inflatable floating ocean lounge!

YB JETSKI DOCK – how to park your watertoys easy but elegant

YBJETSKI DOCK – how to park your watertoys easy but elegant
storage and space, very important to yacht ant boat owners. But there is always to less space to put everything in a perfect way. With the premium line YACHTBEACH POD has crated new items for yachts….

. One of them is the YB JET SKI DOCK 4.1 Fast and easy to install: the inflatable dock offers space for 2 Jet Skis of all brands. An elegant teak design is the optical highlight to this practical tool.

Short facts:

  • External dimensions: 410cm x 300cm
  • Devided arms with a length of 200cm and wide 55cm
  • 2-chamber safety system – equipped with 2 high pressure valves
  • 4 D-rings at the bottom – 12 D-rings at the top for numerous attaching options
  • 10 high-quality fastening and carrying handles
  • Covered with flexible artificial Teak in elegant design
  • Due to Yachtbeach-Handle-Connection System fits perfect to all YACHTBEACH platforms or with corner D-rings to most competitor platforms

So, don’t hold back start with you Jet Ski docking station today and order your own private floating Jet Ski dock

JetXtender – Extend your Fun!

Jet Ski or dinghy?! BOTH! POD has the perfect solution for you: Get in touch with our new JetXtender which makes your Jet Ski,

no matter which brand, to a comfortable but funny gadget in your collection of water.. Fast and easily inflatable and with a weight of only 35kg our JetXtender fits in almost every car trunk. You will never have do decide between boat or Jet Ski anymore, POD offers one solution.

So, are you curious now?! Klick through