General Dealer Conditions


The preorder volume must be shipped before 31.05.2020. All goods must arrive within a maximum of two shipments.
To become a dealer you have to order at least 2.000 € excl. VAT


For new customers in Germany/Austria/France/UK we are allowed to send first two shipments only with prepayment.
Then you can choose:

Sepa Direct Debit: 3% allowance / 7 days
Wire Transfer: 0% allowance / 10 days
Credit Card: 0% allowance / advantage of longer time for payment

Payment Delays:
After 2nd reminder we only ship cash on delivery or prepayment with 0% allowance for the next three shipments.
After 3rd reminder we give the debt claims directly to our debt collection company GEVO Recouvrement de Créances s.à.r.l. All costs incurred by this will be charged to debitor.

For all other countries we work on basis of prepayment only.



• The delivery of our goods will be carried out by GLS for standard shipments less than 40kg.
• For bigger or bulky shipments we will use one of our forwarding agencies and charge the best possible freight cost.
• If Express delivery is necessary we will use TNT and charge the best possible freight cost. All open points regarding the delivery and payment must be clarified until 14:00 p.m. so that the shipment can leave on the same day.
• All our packages have transport insurance.
• All shipments are ex works warehouse 83064 Raubling.

GLS Prices 2020:

We upraise for deliveries in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherland, Germany, France and Austria transport costs of € 7,90 net per package.

For deliveries in Estonia, UK, Italy, Croatia (max 30kg), Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City we charge transport costs of € 9,99 net per package.

For deliveries in Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal we charge € 24,99 per package.
These costs are only available for packages up to 40kg.

Export shipments (outside EU – 1.000 Euro value of goods required):
For all Shipments that are delivered outside of the EU we need to charge:
• Export Handling Charge: 30 € / 40 USD
• Export Custom Clearance: 60 € / 80 USD
• In case necessary Export Certificate of Origin (COO): 50 € / 70 USD
• Express creation of COO add. 40 € / 60 USD
If other necessary costs might occur we will inform you accordingly.

For any alternative shipping address we need to charge 5,- EUR in addition for special handling. If you order through our B2B system no dropshipping handling charge occur. Dropshipping is only possible under reserve for dealers with preorder stock level.


All named dealer prices are excl. of VAT. All named customer prices are incl. of 19% VAT. All prices and lists can be changed anytime without any publication before.
We can only ship without VAT within EU if we have a confirmed VAT number from the customer.

Our recommended customer prices are competitive and basically there is no need to change these prices.
Because of the product price stability we urgently recommend you to use the retail prices on E-Commerce platforms. The retail prices should be the starting prices.


Please ask for your login datas.

This platform offers you variable advantages like:

+ insight to stock level and dealer/consumer prices
+ faster, higher priority in fulfilment
+ no dropshipping fee
+ more product details

Dropshipping is only possible under reserve for dealers with preorder stock level.


The Conditions are based on the general Terms & Conditions of Point of Sports GmbH.
The goods are in property of Point of Sports GmbH until complete payment is received

GUARANTEE for Private Use

The warranty begins on the date of sale.

12 months on: wakeboards, monoski, comboski, trickski, Spinera Consumer
6 months on: Fashion, Neoprene, bindings, wakeskates, surfer, neopren products, tubes, towables and bananas, parasailing, bags, helmets, fins, ropes and handles, clothes, Spinera Professional and Aquamarina …
3 Years: Yachtbeach (EU), Aquabanas
1 Year Yachtbeach made in China

This is valid in general but the manufacturer reserves the right to change the warranty terms.

The buying date has to be proved by the original invoice of the customer. The guarantee expires if the customer modifies the goods or assembles the goods incorrect.

Out of guarantee:
• Outwearing through using
• Scoring goods like overlays
• Damage through outer forces like slider, kicker, stay bridges, …
• Damage through commercial using like hiring

Strategy for an effective and fast execution of complaints:

1. Please proof if there is a guarantee claim of your customer by checking the following points:
Buying date, slider or kicker damaged, normal outwear and using…
2. If the damage seems to be because of a material or production error, please contact us before you send the damaged good to us. Many times the problem can be clarified on the phone. Often you only have to send a digital photo of the damaged good via email.
3. If you have to send goods back, so you have to stamp the package adequate. We will not accept any shipments that arrive without prepaid freight! Please add a copy of the original invoice with buying date and a short description of the damage.
4. If it is a material or production error, the good will be repaired appropriate or we will send a replacement.


Guarantee of 3 Months for Spinera Professional begins on date of sale. 12 months for Spinera HD. The warranty is violated due to improper storage. The tubes are not allowed to be stored / exposed in direct sunlight when not in use. The tubes have to be cleaned with sea water after every use in salt water to avoid early attrition.
Out of guarantee:
• Outwearing through using
• Wear and tear like overlays, zipper, handles, Neopren pads, towing parts…
• Damage through outer forces like slider, kicker, stay bridges, …
• We reserve the right that in case of commercial use small holes must be self-adhesive by the user. If required, POD provides the glue for free.
• No warranty will be granted on consumer products for commercial use.

Aqua Marina products: warranty will expire by commercial use like: rental
Yachtbeach, Aquabanas & customized Yachtbeach/Aquabanas1 Year Warranty


On return of goods we upraise a restocking fee of 15 %.
We will not accept any shipments that arrive at our location without prepaid freight or not original packed!


If you notice that the goods arrived in a damaged condition or something is missing you have to claim this immediately within 3 working days via Email at . We will not accept claims forwarded later


On unpacking or repacking confirmed orders we upraise an unpacking / repacking fee of 15€ / 15min. of worktime. The Minimum amount is 30€ for 30 minutes.