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Custom Jetski & Toy Docks

You need a space for all your watertoys which fits your needs exactly ? We can make your dream come true and design the dock as you need it. Create space for your Jetski, e-board, foil board, dive scooter, or would you need a work platform, or in general more space on the water? We have the solution for you – our platforms are made of 20cm high quality drop stitch material and simple to install, to remove and even to transport. Within minutes one platform is inflated and ready to float. D-rings, handles, bumpers, bathing ladders can be added as needed and of course, a branding with your yachts name or logo is possible as well.


Let us build your dreams together! Yachtslides, climbing walls, pools, docks, or something different? There is NO LIMIT. Yachtbeach offers you uncountable possibilities to create more: space, freedom & fun! 

Due to our experience in the watersports and superyacht industry we are able to develop innovative products of highest quality to meet the high demands. Our skilled team from POD International is at your side with help and advice starting from step one.


No wish remain unfulfilled at Yachtbeach, we can place the name of your yacht freely on your platforms on request. Your yacht appears including the Water toy area in one color and style if needed. 

We can place the name of your yacht, or a logo on any design on request – no wish remain unfulfilled at Yachtbeach.

Building your own Land

With Yachtbeach you can design your personal island. Your imagination is our incentive


German companies and their products have a good reputation. We want to comply with this and use only the most innovative and high-quality raw materials for our products. Only fabrics that have passed all tests such as sequencing resistance, UV resistance, riptests, longevity are included in the extensive selection. With our D- rings, we only use saltwater-resistant steel. 

PVC, PVA are selected according to German standards. Durability, highest quality and material is our priority.