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Yachtbeach Luxury Pool 4.1 x 4.1 x 0.2m Dropstitch

Product SKU: 20394

Product Specification


Constitution of YB Luxury Pool 4.1

Measurements:  External dimensions: 410x410cm – 13,5‘x13,5‘
Depth: about 220cm – 7,2‘
Interior dimensions: 310x260cm (fine-mesh protective net)
Weight: 66kg – 145lbs
Lying surface: width of 100cm, Side: width of 50cm
Pack Size: 185 x 63,9x 43,8

› 22 high quality fastening, mounting and carrying handles which are
easy to combine with all other Yacht Beach products

› 2 high pressure valves which allow a quick and easy filling & the pressure relief valve always ensures the right pressure at the pool.

Material Thickness:
Reinforced Drop Stitch with 20cm thickness, reinforced PVC with 0,9mm thickness

Foam top:
covered with flexible artificial teak

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Enjoy a carefree time behind your yacht with your loved ones. On the new Luxury Pool by Yachtbeach, you have enough space for bathing and swimming as well as an integrated bathing area that invites you to sunbath. You lie extremely gently and comfortably on the pleasant foam top surface. The teak look is a real eye-catcher. It is noteworthy that the Luxury Pool can be easily combined with all other Yachtbeach platforms and docks. Made for safe swimming in the sea and to enjoy wonderful pool days behind your yacht. Bath in the sea without being disturbed by unpleasant encounters with jellyfish and other sea creatures or floating sea particles. Thanks to the fine-mesh PVC inner protection net, you are perfectly protected from this.


YACHTBEACH Inflatables Pools

Spend relaxing moments with your loved ones behind your yacht. Yachtbeach’s inflatable yacht pools offer additional luxury and comfort for owners and guests who want to enjoy swimming in the sea during their stay on the superyacht. Our pools offer ample space for swimming and an integrated sunbathing area. The pleasant foam surface ensures maximum comfort and the teak finish gives them an elegant look. It is worth noting that our pools can be seamlessly combined with other Yachtbeach platforms and docks. They are the ideal choice for safe swimming in the sea and perfect pool days behind your yacht. Enjoy swimming in the sea without having to worry about unpleasant encounters with jellyfish or other sea creatures and floating particles, as our fine-mesh PVC inner protection net ensures your complete safety.

Our range extends from the easy-to-inflate Classic Pool to the exclusive Luxury Pools with teak surface and the customized Superior Pools to suit every taste.

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