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Become a Yachtbeach Dealer 
We work with dealers around the world, who all have one thing in common: The passion for superyachts and water sports. As a Yachtbeach dealer, you don’t just sell platforms, slides or docks, you share that enthusiasm and pass that passion on to your customers. 

Why you should become a Yachtbeach dealer:

  • Wholesale watersports fun worldwide
  • Worldwide network: we enjoy a good international reputation and work with partners and manufacturers who offer watersports brands with the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques and deliver high quality.
  • Years of experience: more than 20 years of know-how as a distributor and manufacturer of many different major water sports brands
  • Logistics center in Bavaria – in the heart of Europe guarantees smooth and fast shipping

B2B registration:
We are very pleased that you would like to add our products to your assortment. Please fill out the form completely. The responsible sales representative will contact you for further information.